Why Landscape Pros Love Scotts® ProVista™

You're looking for simplicity on the job site and ease of care. It's tough juggling tight timelines and budgets–not to mention the challenge of coordinating enough skilled team members to stay on top of projects. Scotts® ProVista™ delivers stunning grass that grows evenly in sun or shade, with complete weed control and half the mowing,1 saving time and cost. We're the only turf you need.

Why Scotts® ProVista™ Matters

Greater Satisfaction.
Fewer Callbacks.

Our easy-installing turf transforms outdoor spaces into lush escapes families can savor – and keep beautiful all on their own. With both St. Augustinegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass available, we have the right type of grass for optimal enjoyment in your region.

Why Scotts® ProVista™ Matters

Installation & Care

We engineered Scotts® ProVista™ to grow more slowly and extra dense for complete weed control from the start with half the mowing1. The result is high-performance, eco-friendly grass that's also easy to keep beautiful.

See how simple it can be to install and care for our premium turfgrass.

Supporting You Season After Season

Put our 150+ years of expertise to work for you. As America's Turfgrass Experts, we're committed to guiding your business and landscape teams through every stage and every season.

Landscape Architecture

Reasons to Love Scotts® ProVista™

A gorgeous lawn of grass is the foundation for spectacular outdoor settings. Our premium, shade-tolerant turf is engineered for high-performance beauty throughout the landscape, giving you greater options with design.

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Regional Types

Two types of premium turfgrass.
Same professional grade performance.

Gorgeous grass from the get-go that keeps delivering lush results with minimal maintenance. There's a reason sod installers love Scotts® ProVista™.

Find a local grower to streamline your landscape projects with efficient, exceptional beauty.

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1 +50% less mowing in a 14-day summer cycle is needed vs conventional “Floratam” St. Augustinegrass or conventional Kentucky Bluegrass.

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